Apple calls SOS on Me

Did you know that the Apple Watch has an SOS mode? Neither did I. If one (inadvertently) holds down the side button, it calls emergency services and then drops pins following one’s movements on maps it texts in a series of SOS messages to a designated emergency contact.  I looked it up. You can cancel an accidental SOS. That is, if you are aware it exists and that you have activated it. Perhaps by looking at the screen of your watch. I, on the other hand, blearily missed my cue, and sent a series of urgent texts this morning to my boyfriend of four years, with whom I’d broken up last night.

So many mysteries. At first I thought someone hacked my Apple Watch. Then I realized I probably squished the button in my sleepy hurry this morning to get to my appointment. Somewhere at some time in the past I must have designated my now-ex as emergency contact. For some reason (thank goodness for small mercies) my watch appears not to have called 911. I don’t know what kind of mischief the Universe (Apple?) is up to, but if I wanted an SOS to go out to my no-longer boyfriend, it would have been many months ago when our relationship could have been salvaged.

You might have guessed by the outcome, that on only day 1 of my challenge I didn’t get enough sleep. I didn’t go to bed on time or wake up on time. On the other hand, I feel like I am setting a good example: just when it looks like my boat is about to sink, I right my course. That is, tonight, I’m going to get to bed on time. No SOS needed, thank you very much, Apple.





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